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The photo shows what physical position we're in when we produce together.

In the next couple days, we're going to be making some tunes with McMess from Smoothest Gooch

Also we've got a new website coming up within the next couple weeks. This website is going to include news, reviews and all sorts of lifestyle stuff so stay tuned and hear about it before everyone else because its gonna be bigger than barry.

Stuff thats giving us the horn currently:

Nicolas Jaar - Time For Us

Skream & Distance - Wiseman

Mala - Alicia

Ciao main x



Before blowing up fresh chunks and tipping a bowl of Corn Flakes down his throat, Whitz likes to spend his Sunday mornings terrorising his neighbours and making mixes. Here's his third cracking instalment.

Janstep by Whitz



Inspired by some recent underwater activities this mix is an attempt to communicate with the fishes via low frequency sonic vibrations.

If you havent got a sub then go out and buy a decent set of speakers and start enjoying some weighty vibrations.

Hatcha & Lost - Tattyland
Joker - Digidesign
Skream - Croydon Take Over
Emalkay - Crusader
Jakes - Time Ends
J Kenzo - Constant
Tunnidge - 7 Breaths
Cyrus - Redrum

Ciao main x


Keep your Whitz about you

Before we begin, I must point out Skream and Benga were on Radio 1 tonight and gave it a fucking good kicking. So go listen again, link below.

Big up GetDarker.com for getting this one up super fast

Now onto business... A good friend of the show; David 'Whitz' Whitfield is new to the 1's and 2's but has recorded two delightful mixes for your audio pleasure. Both are available to download in 320kb/s and smash up a couple sub genres of the 140bpm behemoth that is dubstep.

The first mix is exactly what it says on the tin: Calming. Featuring some old and some new dubs, including my favourite track of all time 'Girl From Codeine City.'

Calming Dub Mix by Whitz

The second mix is more in your face and definitely commands attention. Featuring tracks by Benga, Modestep and Joker to name but a few. This ones definitely one to put on before you drink, fight and fuck.

Mix Mash by Whitz

That's all for now, were doing a possible pilgrimage to DMZ in Leeds on 18th of February, if anyone fancies it.

Also hold tight for a new mix from myself coming in the next few days, it promises to be in key and technically sound... fuck me right?.. Also big news coming soon regarding a proper music and lifestyle website... Hold tight.

Ciao main x


Monkers dubstep mix


Just received a new mixer through the post with actual record out possibilities...
So I put together this little mix in 20 minutes just to test it out.

It contains old and new dubs, along with some remixes and a cheeky tune inspired by a channel 4 character.

Technically the mix is far from perfect and the bass clashes more than once. Tune selection is not great either but im just testing out the mixer, it took me an hour to work out how to monitor the right channels in the headphones.

Anyway here it is in not so glorious 320 kb/s.



Monkers Dubstep Mix 081210 by Monkers


1) Kulture - Tyrone
2) Mensah - Brian Badonde Riddim
3) L-Wiz - Cape Fear
4) Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Fu Manchu
5) Magnetic Man - Mad
6) Joker & TC - It Aint Got A Name
7) Magnetic Man - Anthemic
8) Skream - Raw Dogz
9) Skream - The Wibbler
10) Foreign Beggars ft. Wretch 32 & Dot Rotten - Seven Figure Swagger (Plastician Remix)

Ciao main.



The fight begins here.

Grab your bass bins, mister muscle and unsubscribe from the UKF brostep channel on YouTube.
Dubstep isn't supposed to sound like robots fighting, its about bass for the chest plate. Its about time some less 'filthy' dubstep got some airplay.
Turn up your subs.

Our warriors fighting the good fight:

Digital Mystikz - Lost City

Kryptic Minds - Badman

Jakes - Time Ends

Radikal Guru - Dub Down Babylon

Stenchman - Banks Of The Nile

Ciao main x


Deep and dark like a Chilean mine...

After hearing so much about the Chilean miners I started searching for a little music to jam to. Inspired by there being trapped in a deep dark hole I stumbled across this little gem.

The buttons are being pushed by a producer known as Dark0 and the EP is called 'Serotonin'. Its got a kind of dark future garage chilled out dubstep vibe.
The best thing about this EP?... Its 100% free. Check it.

Full EP in glorious 320kb/s right HERE.

Ciao main x